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Friday, June 06, 2014

My Cinderella Man

My dear Bhaiya (elder brother),
Today you are fighting one of the hardest battles of your life, each day and each moment is a battle. And let me tell you, each day when I see you, I swell with pride that you, the toughest man I know, is you, my own elder brother.

Fighting cancer is tough. But defying doctors and their negative thoughts each and every time, shows who is the toughest of them all.

Honestly, I believe you had a Charlie Sheen kind of good looks and style. I can never be smart or as good looking as you were a few years ago but I don’t care. Every young brother has a hero, and mine is YOU. And who wants to compete with their idols?

Your magnetic personality makes people remember you for years afterwards, even if they met you for a few minutes. I am sure many more “Amit Shankar”-s of the world are waiting for you to come and change their world for the better in a matter of minutes.

I know you would have made a killing on the equity markets on the trading side. Get well soon and I hope and dream of you making millions on the markets.
Please do.

Your biggest fan,

Your younger brother.

PS: Cinderalla Man, is a movie about a boxer who fights back poverty, bad health during the Great Depression to win back glory and fame for his family. Its inspired from the real-life of James Broddock.

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