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Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Arise Indians: Time to do your national duty

Today New Delhi goes to polls, and soon the rest of the states and the country will follow.
Irrespective of which party or candidate or agenda you like and decide to vote for, vote you must, for it is your national duty.

Each one bring five
And as Neeraj ji says, IF you claim to be a responsible citizen, then: 

  1. not only must you cast your own vote, 
  2. but also make a promise to make at least 5-10 people vote this time, who have not voted last time. Drag them to the polling station, if need be. But make them vote.

What happens when you don’t Vote? The corrupt candidate wins :(
If you don't cast your vote, don’t think it will go empty. No way. Bogus votes are cast on absentee voters’ name (in this case, your name) and your vote will go to the wrong candidate helping him defeat honest candidates. 

And then you will curse the corruption in the system for the next five years.

Please Vote, it is your (and mine) primary national duty.

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