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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

The most memorable day in my life

Date: 21 June, 2013: D-day arrives.

6 AM: Woke up, but was still groggy. Jumped up to silent the jarring alarm, and promptly plonked back to sweet and warm bed. Almost landed on the wife who growled menacingly at me. Best (read safe) to keep a lady in good humor in her ninth month. She is happy and I am healthy. I slink away.

6.15 AM: Alarm blares again. This time, i have no excuses. Get up to get ready for the big day ahead.

7.30 AM: Reach Fortis Hospital, Vashi with wifey and my dad in tow. We get her admitted. The endgame begins.

10 AM: I am shooed out of room as the nurse prepares the patient i.e. Wifey. Try out the bland "kanda pohey" in Fortis cafeteria. Karisma Kapoor in "judwa" movie playing in the cafeteria helps me gulp down the miserable breakfast.

11.02 AM: Preparations over. Wife is on medications now to induce the baby. The attendant Aunty-ji in adjoining bed is a bit too assertive. Giving me instructions ad nauseum. However, i don't mind. She means well, and there is no harm in having experienced women to help and guide us. My mom would have been perfect, but then she is at home. Mom, Dad will come soon to relieve me. Now its only waiting time. The rhythmic knocking of the ceiling fan is lulling me to sleep. Guess i will ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

11.26 AM shifted to labor room. The action begins?? You know what, i should ideally be nervous and worried. In reality, i am pretty relaxed. While the wife is apprehensive about the ordeal in front of her, i am kind of enjoying the adventure. Maybe for guys, unless and until they see and maybe touch the "bundle of joy", the feeling actually doesn't quite sinks in. My saner self smirks, "Maybe the steep medical bills and the troubles ahead will help you realize, the 'joys' of fatherhood."

12.00 PM: The pains start. And i am faced with the question of what to say when she is in so much pain. Saw in a movie that a guy got thrown at him a full box of medical tools, for saying the wrong lines to the lady in distress. Taking preventive measures, I move out of the pre-labor room.

PS: at times its difficult to keep a straight face, for even though the person you love so much is in so much pain, you are kinda elated that this pain may also lead to your child being born. Another reason i stepped out.

5.08 PM: the wait....continues...and now the pains have stopped too. Or else they come and go. Certainly not as intense as a few hours ago. But the doctor advised us to still try for normal delivery. I guess she is right. Wife agrees, and adds that at least we would have tried. I concur, as always.
BTW there was a small issue. I scolded a nurse about the IV drip which used to stall time and again. There was some drama but it also resulted in biwi getting their undivided attention. I am not complaining ;-)

7.17 PM: things are serious. The baby's heartbeats dropped below 100 once and hence they are rushing her to OT for caeserean opertion. I was asked to pay 40K in addition to the 20K paid in the morning. The doc moved in at 7.15 PM and said they cant let me in for the operation. All on God's will now.

7.34 PM: still no sign. I have linked both my phone and tab to pick up correct date online. Have also cleaned my hands with the handwash. Waiting waiting....writing this post helps.

7.50 PM: the doctor steps out with the news. Yippee i have become a father of a baby boy. Dad mom are happy, i am suddenly very nervous. Not because of the precarious state of the markets, the raging inflation and education etc. bills looming ahead, but mostly whether I can be a good father or not.

Enveloped in trepidation of self doubt, I go and meet my baby, and believe me when I say, I have not felt so good in such a long time. He is awake, confused at the cold noisy world and I feel a warm ache that tells me I am there to protect and nurture him (God willing) and that’s the only thing that’s important. I realize that all my fears & self-doubts are anyway gonna stay with me for the next 20-odd years, but there is now a great reason to face & try to get the better of them.

So that’s the end of the day that changes my life forever.

Thank you God, for my son, my Aditya!

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