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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Death Lottery: Indian version

Pretty nasty stuff which happened in New Delhi the other day. Absolutely disgusting.

Now please don’t take me wrong, all you proud Delhi-ites, for this blog has lots of happy memories & pals associated with the city of New Delhi.

However, in all those happy and eventful years that one spent there, one always felt that a simmering undercurrent of latent violence beneath the usual easy demeanor of a lot of city residents. If you have stayed in the city, only then you come to realize how an average Roman could have enjoyed the Roman Circuses as a form of entertainment in those days.

In Delhi, an argument will seldom end in mere words, and the usual notion is “only the weak are polite”. One believes that the city is tough enough for males too, while the situation may be alarming for the fairer sex.

Capital punishment for rape?
A lot of sound bytes were floating in the Parliament as well as in the media yesterday. While atrocities like rape are indeed a scar on the face of the civil society, and must be dealt with strictly, we believe too harsh a punishment like death penalty may not actually solve the issue.

Often, it appears that when the punishment is too harsh, courts tend to be ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN before awarding a guilty verdict. As a result, it may end up in much lesser convictions rate, thereby, failing the cause itself of introducing the capital punishment in the first place.

“Certainty of punishment” more effective deterrent
More knowledgeable people aver that “certainty of punishment” is a much better deterrence than “severity of punishment” in preventing crime. 

In our view, fast-track courts and accountable police mechanism which would result in faster justice and much more convictions may actually work much better to prevent such deplorable state of affairs.

After all, making our country safe for women is not an option for us.