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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Why re-elect Kalam !!??

The media has started going crazy again. As Mrs Pratibha Patil’s tenure as a President draws to an end, various names have started to do the rounds. One amongst them is that of APJ Kalam, our former President.Why re-elect Kalam? 

The august office has had a long history and has been blessed by many other worthies, including the current Mrs Pratibha Patil.

Just spare a second to look back and admire her "illustrious" tenure.

Every child knows the numerous achievements that are studded in a remarkable tenure. Extremely popular, she was, and still has a nation-wide fan following in pan Jalgaon-Amravati region. Given the platform, she has become greatly popular even on foreign soil, and as the Head of the state she has made several fruitful foreign trips to drive or rather FLY home the point. She has led the nation with examples of selfless sacrifice of personal benefits for the greater good. Who can match this impeccable track record?

Sure there has been some controversies, a few graft and fraud cases here and there, a few court cases pending judgement. And yes, an insignificant land scam controversy involving merely a few thousand acres. Surely these are trivial things that should not cloud our judgement.

On the whole, only a few would doubt that Mrs Patil has indeed been one of the best Presidents this country has seen so far. Physicists would do well to name the unit of measurement for "pliant" as PP in her honor.

Well, it will nigh be an impossible task for the incumbent in trying to better her track record. 

Hindi film industry is still struggling to find a talent even remotely equal to Joginder's calibre. 

But, alas, as they say, the show must go on.

PS: Maybe the powers that be have already finalized on a dark horse candidate. Recently a certain ruling party worker had quit all party/parliamentary posts and has thus made him/herself available for the difficult task.