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Friday, April 13, 2012

Top Ads...my faves...

Was EXTREMELY busy these days so could not post for a long time.

I have started a secret diary thing, so that is where the usual frustrations will go, so this space should be saved of some frustrations at least. 

BTW the wife and I, really dig some of the really cool and snazzy ads that sometimes make one look forward to the break. Here are some of the really funny ads we find on the idiot box that are worth a trip to the youtube:

  1. Voltas' AC: The unflappable Moorthy fights the evil boss with his trusty ol' sidekick, the  Voltas AC. Dig those lines delivered with subtle south Indian sing-song style by Moorthy, who landing up in Cherrapunji, finds the humidity intolerable. So its always “...taalking swetting, walking swetting even bathing swetting, ……but Moorthy, not swetting”. Because he has a Voltas, AC.Nice. Who needs expensive celebs to convey the message when its done better by Moorthy himself.
  2. Canon Cameras: Anushka (a personal favorite)  really looks so effortlessly effervescent in this ad. But the clincher is how the ad displays to us the "A to Z reasons that makes us click" (a photo). What is remarkable is that they show and make you identify the 26 alphabets visually. Tickles the grey matter as well as the senses. Very slick.
  3. Anchor Toothpaste ad: The super delicious Amrit Maghera, plays the newlywed wife who bakes a cake for her husband. The only problem: the cake turns out to be granite-hard, capable of stamping the fridge and cracking floor tiles. But the hubby, is unfazed, and munches away happily. Turns out the hubby (thanks to Anchor toothpaste) has super strong teeth to match and so can enjoy the cake.
  4. Tata DoComo – Bus Stand: He is young, she is old and they have a certain slapping chemistry going between them. J Watch and enjoy.
  5. And last but the real cheeky one, the Sprite Ad - Car: The bike rider faces the age old riddle of how to outwit the rich dude with car. Well, he gulps down Sprite, and lo, not only he gets the girl, his rival ends up with more than egg on his face. Definitely worth a dekko, esp. for the tune” iski kaise le loon main..”

There should be many more which I will post later….