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Thursday, January 05, 2012

Aussies decimated by Indian mind-games; declare at 659

by Drunk-on-job-Patrakar

Frustrated by Indian strategy and buckling under intense pressure, Australia finally declared their innings at 659. Clarke & Co. were completely taken in by clever Indian tactics of allowing them to score freely without attempting to take their wickets. This waiting game finally got on to their nerves as they couldn’t handle the relentless pressure of scoring runs as well as trying to figure out why Indians were not taking their wickets.

In fact, at one occasion Clarke himself uprooted his off stump and offered it to India's pace spearhead Zaheer Khan, who mumbled something about Kohli’s injured fingers and walked away, gallantly refusing to be lured by Clarke’s antics. In the very next ball, he tricked Clarke into hitting a four.

Former cricketing great Ravi Shastri explained how India were playing the clever game of getting the key Australian batsmen tired while getting their bowlers & fielders cramped up sitting on chairs, all padded up waiting for their turn to bat. The game plan was that while the batsmen exhaust themselves, their fielders and bowlers would be cramped up and unable to face the formidable Indian batting lineup. The master stroke is that by the end of day, even the umpires will be so tired and bored with the proceedings that they would be a mental wreck effectively shortening their attention span. Whenever a tired and bored umpire is caught napping with Indian batsmen at the crease, naturally the benefit will go to the Indian batsmen. 

As a young gun of Indian team revealed, the second part of the plan is to bowl so many wides and no-balls that umpires' arms would be aching when Indian teams takes the crease and they would be unable to lift the finger to give them out.

This sort of mind games has completely taken the inexperienced Australian side by surprise. Even the 37 year old veteran Ponting was taken in by the tactics. Only after facing 225 balls did he realize the Indian strategy of tiring him out. He immediately gave an easy catch to Sachin and went back to pavilion but one fears Indian tactics had already succeeded.

Earlier, in the 1st innings, India were successful in shielding their best batsmen, R Ashwin, from the new ball. The Australian attack was centered on attacking Ashwin with the new ball. However, Indians rallied around their captain and ensured that Australian plans came to naught. As many as 6 batsmen saw to it that the new ball was seen through when Ashwin takes to the crease. Unfortunately, Ashwin got out cheaply after getting a decent start or else Indians would have had put even more formidable total on the board than 191.

Increasing worries for Australians as Clarke denied rumors that one of their pacers was unfit and unable to play. Strong rumors indicate that Siddle was unable to handle the strain of watching Ponting and Clarke toiling under the blistering Indian attack that he went for scuba diving, got stung by a jelly fish and now is hospitalized. Worried and gloomy faces in the Australian dressing room indicate he may not return for the match.

From here on, it is definitely advantage India. The Australian media will slam the Indians for playing mind games but this is the time to rally behind our cricketing heroes who showed the world that they are the champions in all aspects of the game.

With inputs from Ashutosh, Apurva, Zeeshan & Kunal (the perfect foil).