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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

One small step for wife, a giant leap for Husband

Watched “The Karate Kid” with the wifey yesterday. And She liked it!!! 

Whats the big deal you ask me? Well here goes.

Finally, I got her to like one martial arts(action) movie. Any average male reader (esp. BFs, husbands etc.) would immediately understand this is no mean achievement by any standards. 

If she liked one, who knows she may like another too.  At least it gives one hope and reasonable grounds to try out several of the other action flicks. Immediately classics like the Tomb Raider, Transformers etc. spring to mind. 

31st Dec...
Long weekend....

He He He

BTW, the reader should not mistake that and I have a violent personality just because I enjoy doing daredevil stunts and have a penchant for action movies . 

Oh No No No. In fact, I am as peace loving dude as can be. 

I wanted to tell wifey that I had abandoned my pursuit of Taek-wondo Black Belt (3rd Degree) midway after successfully achieving WHITE belt just because of my extreme dislike for violence and bloodshed.

But she didn't ask.