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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fighting boredom during long commutes

Part 1: the usual gripe abt mumbai locals
Part 2: How to read ebooks on phones

Part1: The Local-train-mein ka-Boredom problem..... 
Surviving in Mumbai depends on possessing acrobatic skills even Spiderman would be proud of. You will be excused if you gloat if you can perform all the following:

  1. If you can latch on and step inside a still moving local train (with elbows. teeth and kneecaps intact),
  2. Angle your way inside the compartment correctly negotiating the train’s momentum, your Body Mass Index, the speed & direction , wind velocity & spin of earth etc.
  3. Squeeze your ample frame in the inches wide space between teeming sweaty humanity to wiggle inside to the relatively safer but warm, humid interiors of the compartment from the airy but dangerous hanging by nuts and bolts on the foot-boards...
  4. Secure a handhold AND Leg room AND body room AND eventually manage to stand straight (almost will do) with all 10 toes on flat ground (not on someone else’s toes) is good enough.
  5. Get a window seat!!?? That’s ambitious, but if you can, well you automatically qualify for Navy Seals training.
Here, I would restrict myself to those who aren’t blessed with superpowers or Terminating / beginning stations. Such mere mortals will do well to just hang somewhere between the two doors and count the minutes of stewing in collective body heat, fiddling with their phones as their only time-pass.

Large, unwieldy iPads or Tablet PCs are certainly not devices that can be used in such cramped places. I possess a Galaxy Tablet, and much as I love it, that too isn’t much effective in such case. The only option is a reading app on the phone itself (if you like to read).

Part2: ....and how to read ebooks on mobile phone

Getting the ebook reader
Android users can download apps like Kobo (I prefer this), FB Reader, Kindle etc. on your mobile phone.

Nokia usershave the option to download bubue book reader (works ok on E6) from the Ovi Market.

Got the reader, now How to get ebooks?
You can buy books from the Kobo store or the Kindle store 

You can get free ebooks from Gutenberg main site or the mobile site.

Or else if you already have books in word/ PDF/ RTF format just go to Epubbud site and get them converted into epub format.This format can be read in all the above e-reader programs (except Kindle, which requires .mobi format). The website is free to use and produces pretty decent output. 

Whether you choose to convert or download, next you should download the converted file supported by the eReader app to your phone. 

For Bubue, you will have to manually add the file location to the reader. Alternatively, Kobo, FB Reader etc.can search available epub files from your phone and include them in your library.

For kindle, you need .mobi format books. If you have a .mobi file then all you have to do is to save the file in the kindle folder of your android phone. Restart the phone, and it will automatically update on the kindle folder.

Thats it. You are done. 

BTW I watched the trailer of MI-4..its awesome, cant wait to catch the movie, but where was sadda Anil Kapoor? I hope it isn't one of those blink-and-you-miss-it "cameo" appearances. 

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