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Monday, November 14, 2011

Sooper Saturdays....

"Saturdays are the most dull and disappointing days for me. I have an off while the wife is out on work and poor me, I am home alone with only a TV and an unlimited internet connection to pass time for the whole day. Boring."

Ha Ha Ha. Good one no??

So guys, most Saturdays are super nirvana time. Ultimate chillaxing time when I can sleep late, draw fishbone charts in my mind on why I deserve to skip bath, dedicate time to decent hobbies (read raiding the fridge) and basically doing nothing of note or of use. So what was different this time?

When a handsome thirty something boy is at home without parental supervision, zillions of interesting friends across the globe, and blessed with fast unlimited internet connection what exactly will he be surfing looking at? Well you got it right, the “normal” stuff.

But I was shocked to realize that I had spent full 30 mins on the net drooling and ogling at…believe it or not…PAKISTANI CHICKEN BIRYANI !!!

And so enamored was I with the stuff the good lady had managed to prepare that I somehow convinced the good old missus to order biryani on Sunday, and polished off not only my share but 1/3rd her share too.

No wonder, I am 12.9% overweight.

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