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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Pawar slapped !!!

An angry young Sardar took on himself to articulate the anger of Indian people against the inflation and corruption rampant in the country.  Someone called Harwinder Singh must've got  inspired by Sunny Deol films and gave one tight slap to the Agriculture Minister and ICC Chief (yes, you heard right !!) Sharad Pawar.

Frankly, I believe such behavior is unworthy of a decent Indian citizen especially against a 70+ year old guy like Pawar and can lead to further ugly instances.

However, the net was immediately abuzz with some very funny comments. Sample these

#1PM ji 26/11 was an attack. This is just a slap - On PM denouncing the "attack."  
#2: Congress is worried now that aam aadmi ka haath, is now Pawar ke saath
#3: What Manmohan Singh can't, Harwinder Singh Can.

None of the above comments are mine. I have participated and still support Anna Hazare's peaceful methods of protest. 

However, the comments are undeniably funny.

BTW, not surprisingly, such is the public anger against the present state of the nation, mired in slowdown, inflation, scams and all, that almost  EVERYONE I talked to, was GLAD and supportive of Harvinder's action!! A young fellow even ascribed the prompt 1% gains in the market as market's show of approval for Harvinder.

On a serious note, I guess the frustration and anger of millions of Indians toiling day and night for a pittance and still living a miserable life is finally brimming over. Indian politicians ought to be a worried lot. 

PS: I googled a bit and found out that the latest super popular “Kolavari song” means mad anger. 

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