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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Singur fall-out

The corporate investor will punish Tata Motors shares after the Singur debacle. They should, I guess. Its their job to reward profits and punish losses. It is after all their money and they are in the market to make sure they earn optimum returns.
But I cringe when the same wise guys denounce the Singur decision as a biased one and one which was based to take undue advantage of “poor farmers of West Bengal”.

In my opinion, Tata’s decision to go to the back of beyond village of Singur was too idealistic for the cynical world of RoI and profits to understand and appreciate. The group was taking a bold decision to do their bit in igniting industrialization in a primarily agriculture dominated village. In return, the villagers would have had more employment opportunity, access to roads, healthcare, schools, power and most importantly, Education.

Sadly, some vested interests are going to put paid to all those benefits that could have happened to the area by ensuring that the plant never takes off. Hence the next generation and the generation after that are likely to remain poor, hungry, illiterate villagers. Just like their present generation.

Of course some of them will dare to dream a future for themselves and will become migrant labors rotting away in some distant city where neither they nor their cultural identity is welcome. Since their culture would be not be of a more marketable Neanderthal-ic era, no NGO or social activist will be bothered to help them in case they are persecuted or harassed. What is not marketable ought to perish being their credo.

Its right that in such cynical situations, entities like Tata ought to be punished by one and all. How dare they go beyond profit-making and think of social good?? Its preposterous !!!

Its another matter that another Jamshedpur like developed and beautiful city will never come up in Singur. The villagers wouldn’t even be aware of what they are missing so they wont be complaining. Mamata has got so much mileage, she need’nt starch her sari for another five years.

Only the local wannabe politicians of other undeveloped states like Orissa, Bihar, UP etc. should be complaining as now they get their fifteen minutes of fame by opposing anyone setting up industry in these states.

After seeing what happened in Singur, no intelligent industrialist will dare venture to a under developed state just to help bring progress and development.