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Monday, September 01, 2008

"Rock On !!!" Rocks BIG TIME

Boy when you see Arjun Rampal towering over the audience with loooong hair flowing wildly and wielding his guitar like a toy you know you are in the right concert. India’s answer to Clint Eastwood is finally in a movie role you can watch and enjoy. His other movie capers are, well the less said of the better.

Rock on may be clich├ęd or predictable at times. But heck, for about a mere 150 bucks you are getting the best seats in one of the most memorable rock concerts you will ever attend.

Total paisa vasool!

What rocks….

Like I said, BEST Rock concert you will attend in the cool confines of an AC (provided your multiplex has one and it works. Ours, for some reason kept going off and on).

The story and the treatment though does remind of the “Dil Chahta hai” but the element of Arjun Rampal’s character adds a dash of reality that really adds to the magik of the movie.

I liked the idea that though for all the band members, music was very important; they were so real in the sense that every one had a reason to be a rock star. And mind you its not only because they just loooove the music and the jamming sessions.

What doesn’t…

Purab’s character may have been developed a bit more.

What is Ms. Koel Purie doing in the movie? She is the biggest let down. Like come on, she may be in designer dinner dress or something, but then she was looking like a train wreck.

And WHY the hell did Adi dump Tanya? She wasn’t the “BAND” exactly. I dunno.


That said, the movie is DEFINITELY worth a watch. Watch it and live the life of a rockstar. You will say like I do…

“ROCK ON !!!”