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Friday, February 22, 2008

What WE can do to fight global warming

Climate is changing for the worse

Climate change is there for all to see. Wherever you are placed on the globe, please jig your memory and you will realise seeing weather phenomena getting weirder every year. Climate changes are happening NOW as we speak and dither on what to do or not do.

Sweaters in Mumbai, blizzard in China: indicate terrifying change happening

For example, record low temperatures across globe, resulting in galloping food prieces in China and world over. In Mumbai, we had 9 degrees temperature (coldest day for the last 10 years) which is a surprise as this seaside city usually is warm or hot round the year. People wearing sweaters in Mumbai, is the weirdest that can be.

Various news article and reports claim that within 10 years the global warming will be irreversible. I feel that we may not have even that long.

Forget politicos: Let see what we can do
As concerned and free individuals, it will be great if we all could have found a way to contribute to lessen the irreversible damage that we are doing to our planet.

How we can make a difference:

1. Cut emissions or FUEL usage:

We can reduce the amount of car/motor bike usage and also try to buy a vehicle which is fuel efficient. It will be great for both the planet as well as the wallet.

2. Be careful about FOOD:For health benefits too

Pl don’t waste food: order/ cook only as much as you are going to need. Also, a great idea may be to try to go vegetarian (by which I mean, REALLY veg and not just using chicken and fish) at least for, say, 5 days of a week.

3. Please find an alternative to using toilet tissue paper

I know, the western sense of hygiene, may find it repulsive, but billions of Asians are using water to clean themselves and they are doing fine.
Paper is made of wood pulp, which comes from trees. Just imagine, how many acres of rainforests we can save, just by changing this small part of our daily routine annually.

There can be many more ways and means to help and you may share them if you care

Following the above, will

• give us more time for our life and loved ones
• save money,
• improve health and
• ALSO give a feel good that we are doing for what we believe in.

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