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Friday, November 17, 2006

From Heaven Lake

I recently came accross a wonderful book by Vikram Seth titled " From heaven Lake". The book is actually a travel journal containing accounts and events at a friendly pace all jotted down with razor sharp observations and is full of surprises which are mcuh like the wonder of such unplanned backpacking travel experience.

The book captures an account of young Seth's hitch hiking trip from China via Ladakh and Nepal to India. The book is a beautiful piece of realist work and all those of us who long for those carefree and wanderer days of yore would find it deliciously enticing.

The narrative takes a 360 degrees view of the Chinese population and the experiences of the author with the common Chinese man without getting a wee bit judgemental or xeophobic but at the same time not mincing words about what irritated or jarred his self.

The breezy style of narrative has a faint humor laced within the words where you feel the sniff or hint of the flavor but never going overboard. What is remarkable indeed is the author instead of being totally enveloped in the picturesque scenary only keeps it in the background while continuosly making the tale move with minutely observed and reflected upon incidents and characters, so much so that it sometimes feels that the chap must have either made up the details or must have been constantly scribbling in his notebook.

The God is in the details and Mr. Seth you have actully made it worth our while in reading your book. Definitely worth a try for people like me who would like to try some different fare prepared with zest and finesse.

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