Friday, June 06, 2014

My Cinderella Man

My dear Bhaiya (elder brother),
Today you are fighting one of the hardest battles of your life, each day and each moment is a battle. And let me tell you, each day when I see you, I swell with pride that you, the toughest man I know, is you, my own elder brother.

Fighting cancer is tough. But defying doctors and their negative thoughts each and every time, shows who is the toughest of them all.

Honestly, I believe you had a Charlie Sheen kind of good looks and style. I can never be smart or as good looking as you were a few years ago but I don’t care. Every young brother has a hero, and mine is YOU. And who wants to compete with their idols?

Your magnetic personality makes people remember you for years afterwards, even if they met you for a few minutes. I am sure many more “Amit Shankar”-s of the world are waiting for you to come and change their world for the better in a matter of minutes.

I know you would have made a killing on the equity markets on the trading side. Get well soon and I hope and dream of you making millions on the markets.
Please do.

Your biggest fan,

Your younger brother.

PS: Cinderalla Man, is a movie about a boxer who fights back poverty, bad health during the Great Depression to win back glory and fame for his family. Its inspired from the real-life of James Broddock.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Nation emerges

Some time back my good friend Shirish liked & shared a video of a news report by a prominent NDTV journo of rampant Caste system still entrenched in hinterlands of UP. I neither liked the report nor the journo and frankly told Shirish so. For me, the journalist and his usual reports are like “grains of sand in one’s the eye….painful, irritating and blurring the vision”

Shrish demanded an explanation and here is what I have to say in my defense.

Shirish being the literary kind, would have read both “The lord of the Flies(1954)” and “The Coral Island (1858)”, books published with a century in between with similar premise: innocent, teen-aged Christian boys stranded on an uninhabited Pacific island. The similarity, sadly ends there. 

While the Coral Island is an endearing story of courage, adventure, friendship and heroism, the LOTF tale is about the group quickly degenerating to a barbaric state with groups and individuals lusting for power and not sparing even gruesome violence to achieve it. In short, it takes a very dim view of the human mind and reactions which I found very depressing. Now, in my view, human nature has such wide dimensions and possibilities of individual or group reaction to any event are infinite. But why wallow in the negative always? Why not listen, learn and train our thoughts towards the positive and the good?

Agreed, that the scourge of caste system is centuries old and still real in India. Surely it would still exist in many deep pockets of our country. Anybody with even a mobile camera can come up with several such instances and episodes in our villages to prove it exists. But what’s new in that dude? It as if somebody shows footage of “Slumdog Millionaire” to prove terrible poverty still exists in India. Duh. I think how Indians are overcoming regressive and primitive social customs is news, NOT how some illiterate Brahmins-Harijans still interact in some sleepy hamlet. So, my point is simply this: what new or unique this (or such) reports bring out? Merely highlighting regressive aspects of society still exists, for me serves very little purpose.  

Thankfully, I believe that most of the country too, is eager to throw away the non-sense of caste etc based mindset. The nation has dumped such old moth-eaten ideas and instead got out and voted in huge numbers for somebody whose sole election plank was “Good governance for ALL” which is a great positive for India.

A new India is emerging with fresh thoughts like a butterfly from the restricting cocoon of old ideologies. 

That's News Shirish.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Is India about to elect its Reagan? - The Hindu

Is India about to elect its Reagan? - The Hindu

Notable quote:
if you favour allowing citizens to be treated differently on the basis of their religious beliefs, then you are an open-minded “secularist.” If, on the other hand, you favour treating all citizens equally under the law, without regard to their religion, then you are a “religious extremist.”