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Monday, January 20, 2014

Why we need a few more crazies

Arvind Kejriwal must be crazy. 
Its apparent even when you listen to him. He comes across as a crystal clear, rationale, albeit too idealistic to be a Politician. Yet he is in Politics. He talks how he will root out the corrupt. How he will clean up the system and punish the guilty of scams. Ironically, many of whom are from the very party which is crucial for the existence of his government in New Delhi. 

Yes he must be crazy. He must be  crazy to take on alone, the super-powerful corrupt.He must be crazy to try to reform the system screwed beyond repair by wily political biggies. He must crazy to believe that he, with his motley bunch of followers can kill the invisible Goliath of Corruption.

“The corrupt club sticks together.” Always
Reality Check. 
The Corrupt-club protects their own. Any member, howsoever insignificant, represents a cash stream to which all take a share. Hence all the fraternity comes together to shield him. Also, the network is ever growing: they have a method of preying /recruiting into the morally weak or ambivalent which constantly keeps swelling the legions. Numbers are power in Democracy.

Maybe, on their own, several corrupt officers would not be asking for bribes. But when they are part of a syndicate, an unholy food chain involving the grass-root constable to the (for example) a powerful Cabinet Minister, all are emboldened. Not only the speed money provides them the much needed liquidity, it also makes them part of a coterie that has the rich and powerful in it. They enjoy such immunity that can be seldom enjoyed by the honest.

True, an honest man has his principles and his night’s good sleep, but apart from that, he stands alone. God forbid, if a taint is aimed at him, till the time he is exonerated (assuming he is) he goes through hell. He has to bear legal expenses out of his meager salary, his savings are drained, he has to bear humiliation. Worst of all, he may stand to lose the only thing he ever had: respect from fellow men. Even if he is found innocent, cynics will always question his integrity, and the daggers will forever be ready for one slip from him.

Alas, such is the system as I understand it. I may be wrong, and I hope and pray I am. But if I am not, then the whole setup is skewed heavily in favor of the corrupt. Hence fighting corruption may be more dangerous and frustratingly tough to eliminate than some may believe.

Only a crazy person (s) will attempt this on an institutional basis. Arvind Kejriwal must indeed be crazy. But we desperately need a few more crazies like him.