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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Happy Independence Day (in advance)

The Independence Day is drawing near. Pretty soon the usual media crescendo will build up with patriotic songs, discount sales, movies, TV soaps & programs on “ our brave Jawans” etc. I frankly admit that all this does give me a nice warm & proud feeling about this great country of ours.

But before we get all sappy and emotional on the marketing overdrive, I ask myself, am I satisfied and happy with the state of my nation today?

Some recent (and not so recent) events shake one up:
  • Brutally high inflation
  • High prices of even essentials like pulses, onion, milk, vegetables making them disappear from the common man’s plate
  • Cruel jokes like one can eat full lunch with “Re 1”, “inflation is good”, "theek hai" etc. becoming daily occurances
  • The sacking & transfers of non-pliant IAS/IPS officers like Durga Shakti, Khemka
  • Continued manipulation of agencies like the CBI etc leading to complete loss of faith and credibility in the eyes of an Indian citizen in such organizations and their findings
  • Bribery of Member of Parliament (MPs)
  • And the latest, impending default by NSEL (a govt. approved exchange)
  • Terrorist attacks on innocent citizens are continuing with sickening ease and regularity
  • Beheadings / torture of our brave Jawans many times at the border, incursions with impunity
  • Not to mention, numerous scams like
o   2G Scam = loss to nation Rs 1.76 Lakh Crores (CAG estimate)
o   Coal Scam = loss to nation Rs 1.86 Lakh Crore (CAG estimate, not counting PSUs)
o   Chopper Scam = loss to nation Rs 3,600 Crores
o   Commonwealth Games Scam = loss to nation Rs 90 crores  
  • And last but not the least, the lathi-charge and firing on peaceful protesters in New Delhi who were only demanding safety for women on the streets of India

Does all this make one feel proud? Sickening more likely. 

"Jo Shaheed hue hai unki.....Jara yaad karo qurbani !!! "

Our current states of affairs are threatening to make the sacrifices of Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar Azad and countless other young men & women completely meaningless.

This is certainly NOT what they laid down their lives down for.
This is certainly NOT what our brave soldiers are risking life and limb daily for.

Bleeding nation, wounded economy
Sadly, even on the economic front, we seem to have faltered big time. In 2010, India had grown faster than China. But today our growth has nosedived to nearly 5% levels.

As a result of the above mentioned “achievements” the image of India is maligned. Is it a wonder that FIIs and FDI today are loathe to invest in a country where laws and systems are constantly mangled by corruption. The resulting in loss of foreign capital has impacted development and employment opportunities for Indians.

Proud? Yes; Blind? No
The abject inability and failure of the system and unrepentant manipulation of constitutional functionaries have put a seething anger in the people. Everyone I talk to, has no kind words for the complete mess we are in today. 

Surely, people will answer via their votes. But elections are still months away. Till retribution comes, in the meanwhile the rampant inflation continues to steal food from the plates of the Indian household. Anyway, 5 years of staying away from power is too small a punishment for 10 years worth plunder of 1+ billion people. More of that, later.

I am proud of my country, and love ALL Indians (more or less...).
But unless we wake up to the painful realities and realize the ills affecting our beloved nation, how will we make it better?

Happy Independence Day !!!
Jai Hind.