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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Day 2: finding bearings and exploring shanghai

Day 2
Started in the morning after a much much needed sleep at night.

We decided to go to the shanghai science & technology center. The main objective was to get a feel of the "language barrier". BIL came up with a clever way to overcome this, we copy pasted the Chinese name and addresses on the ever handy Galaxy Tab. Now all we had to do was to show  the address to the cab driver, and the wheels set in motion.

Shanghai city impressed us at night but we were completely bowled over during daytime. The city skyscrapers are beautiful and the construction quality is immaculate. A couple of towers (designs) have already been copied in Mumbai.

I has never been to USA or UK etc but I am sure the city skyline can give ANY metro serious run for their money.

I read someone that the "city unashamedly tries to prove it has arrived on the scene". Well that writer can eat his words. This city need not look for approval from western society, its good enough to set the benchmarks for urban centers.

Enough said, Huangshan is on tomorrow.

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