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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Say no to the caste based census !!!

For once, I totally agree to Mr. Bal Thackrey’s call to respond to the divisive caste based census in a fitting manner. He advises us to respond as of Hindustani Caste when asked about our castes. Hats off to you, Mr. Thackrey. This country deseperately needs leaders who can unite us rather than follow the British policy of “Divide and rule”.

However, sadly both the current regime, UPA and the BJP has let down the country once again. Instead of taking steps to uproot this evil caste based system which divides our society, they are going to institutionalize it with a caste based census which will divide the country even further.

If the census gets passed it will be a Black day for Indian citizens.
I feel, all Indian citizens should encourage each other to name the next generation with secular / caste agnostic surnames, for example, a name “Arun Chturvedi” which identifies the bearer as of Brahmin caste can change it to “Arun Vishwanath”, a name which only indicates the religion of the person but not the caste.
Let’s together eliminate this abhorred caste system altogether by which the politicians and foreigners have till now divided us.