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Friday, December 04, 2009

US withdrawal from Afghanistan - Indian's perspective

However much we Indians would like the big brother US to appreciate and support us against our errant neighbor and their private nation of barbaric jehadis, unfortunately the reality is far from this. The US, understandably, has its own axe to grind and couldn’t care less whether India is safe or not from the jingoistic jehadis and Pakistani manipulations. We all have seen that apart from doing lip service they have done precious little to help bring the Mumbai attacks culprits to the book.

Hence, the withdrawal of the US troops from Afghanistan should ring the alarm bells for sure.

But this was a known eventuality. 

What we, the Indian taxpayers expect from the political and strategic leadership in India is that they revitalize and reactivate our almost moribund and grossly understaffed and underutilized intelligence and counter intelligence institutions. Its time, Indians started defending Indians actively and proactively rather than look at the couldn’t-care-less-international players.