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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Shark Finning - Shame on Humanity

One of the most beautiful creations is being brutally killed. Read below to know how.
And also read what we can do to help.

Excerpts from the site:

“Shark finning is killing sharks every year at an alarming rate! It is estimated that 100 million sharks annually are killed for their fins alone. This practice is mainly for supplying shark fins for the so-called delicacy known as shark fin soup.

Sharks that are caught and their fins cut off are not always dead when their bodies are thrown back into the sea. Without its fins the shark simply sinks to the bottom of the ocean where it dies.

Such a horrible death for such a magnificent creature! How aweful it must be for these animals... to think that when their body hits the water again that they will be safe, only to realize that they can no longer swim, and end up dying in an ocean, which was just moments earlier their safe haven, and is now their doom.

All of this killing for a bowl of soup! What if human foot soup suddenly became a delicacy in some country somewhere, would people be as eager to try it or would the public so easily ignore it? I think not! Shark finning is not only a cruel and backwards practice, it is a waste and a travesty on nature and must stop before the great predator of the sea is lost forever. Mankind cannot continue to abuse nature or nature will strike back... and with brutal fury! Shark finning should be made a practice of the past so that children will be able to see and admire sharks in the future... for it would be a sad and tragic day when the only shark people get to see is one only in a photograph.”

URL: http://www.sharkfriends.com/sharkfinning.html

Related material: http://www.sharkfriends.com/sharks.pdf

If you want to help protect sharks, there are some things you can do right now...

1. Support wildlife organizations who are working to help save sharks. You don't necessarily have to give money to help either. World Wildlife Fund has a free action alert program that allows you to send emails, faxes, and letters to officials in reference to wildlife conservation. They have sent out numerous mailings in regards to sharks and they continue to work to protect them.

2. When you travel to any country where shark fin soup is considered a delicacy... DON'T ORDER ANY! If you know anyone who is traveling to such countries encourage them not to get any either. If there isn't a demand for it, the fad won't last!

3. Contact your representatives and request that they work towards ending the practice of shark finning and email representatives of other countries who practice shark finning and request that they do the same.