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Friday, October 06, 2006

Carry on Mr. Ganguly

We recently came across an article exhorting Saurav Ganguly, the former India captain to have retired from the team and have called it a day right at the beginning of the controversy with Greg Chappell.

I fully understand, that the issue between the two was a most intricate one and one believes that there was much more to that than a clash of egos. Though the press did its best to bring out the matter to the fore, yet one has a feeling there was more hidden than revealed.

Whatever be the matter, ironically today, neither of the two former adversaries, are meeting with much success in their respective areas. While Saurav has failed with the bat time and again, Mr. Chapell’s initial success with the team, appears today more to do with the superlative form of the players(read the captain) rather than his own leadership/coaching brilliance.

While each can take heart in the respective failure of the other, the fact remains that they must also do some introspection as to how to improve their own fortunes.

Coming back to the prince of Calcutta, while his critics have once again summarily written him off, taking a bow now will only add value to their words. One understands, that the ageing body and a battle worn mind may be a much unwilling partner at the travails of International cricket. Add to that the constant feeling of Fall from grace, will act as a drag to the spirit. still at this stage, if the prince calls it quits, it will only make him weak.

At this point of time, Mr Ganguly has nothing to lose. Absolutely nothing. His reputation as the adrenalin driven leader of the World Cup finalists are a thing of the past now. But with a bow at this time what will he achieve. He has nothing to lose today: he already lost his place in the side, his mantle of captaincy, and now his laurels too. what else has he got to lose? Nothing much,actually. So what will he save by quitting now.

I think Mr. Ganguly, you should continue for some more time. World Cup or no world cup, you have had a wonderful time once, out in the middle and its the still old you who was one of the most successful batsman of all times. Time for fading out in the oblivion has passed.

Given the way you have performed in the recent times, honestly speaking you yourself would have dropped you.

Having said that, to us it seems almost a necessity to prove yourself once more. TO get once more in that medley of the Men in Blue solely on the basis of your performance. Not some backroom politics. Still, if politics is necessary, do it a bit, but only as a second priority. Your priority should be to seriously sort out your batting.

Remember it was your cricket and your aggressive never-say-die attitude which got you the flowers of success. Take the former from you and what you have are stale and dead flowers. Your streangth as well as your karma are only the former and only by once again refocusing and re-harnessing them will you be able to redeem yourself. Thats your nirvana.

The message Dada, is clear:

You are at the pits right now and probably you know it. Concentrate on your Game without a thought on what the media/critics advice. Fight for your place in the team with your bat and only that will help you retire in peace. Please don't end in a whiff of smoke. If you have to go down, then go down with all guns blazing. One memorable come-back innings where you rescue India and go on to win the match for us is all we want of the Greatest(arguably) Captain of Indian Cricket.

India wishes you all the best Dada!!!

But in the end what actually should matter to you, is that the day when you choose to hang your boots, you are able to smile with pride at your days donning the flannels and your soul at peace at a war well fought.

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