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Monday, April 24, 2006

On Choosing Death !!!

What follows below is an interesting excerpt. The imaginary dialogue is between Nietzche and his pupil/friend Josef on life and death. The dialogue starts with Nietzche speaking.



"I do not teach, Josef, that one should 'bear' death, or 'come to terms' with it. That ways lies life-betrayal! Here is my lesson to you: Die at the right time!"

"Die at the right time!" The phrase jolted Breuer. The pleasant afternoon stroll had turned deadly serious. "Die at the right time? What do you mean? Please, Friedrich, I can't stand it, as I tell you again and again, when you say something important in such an enigmatic way. Why do you do that?"

"You pose two questions. Which shall I answer?"

"Today, tell me about dying at the right time."

"Live when you live! Death loses its terror if one dies when one has consummated one's life! If one does not live in the right time, then one can never die at the right time."

"What does that mean?" Breuer asked again, feeling ever more frustrated.

"Ask yourself, Josef: Have you consummated your life?"

"You answer questions with questions, Friedrich!"

"You ask questions to which you know the answer," Nietzsche countered.

"If I knew the answer, why would I ask?"

"To avoid knowing your own answer."


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