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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

God or No God

God as we all know is a concept, which is the first legacy that we receive as we enter the World from our parents and or Society as the case may be. Willingly or unwillingly this concept is introduced to us many a times for reasons altogether different from what a religious zealot may like to believe.

The concept initially comes in as a handy tool for reigning in the hyperactive Young Turk with boundless energy and an unnerving desire of discovering all the new life has to offer. Hence God comes in a handy tool as an ever-watchful eye keeping tabs in the parents’ absence over good and bad deeds of the kiddo and keeping the busybody out of harm’s way.

As one grows up one is weaned from most of the childhood make believes except the most powerful one of them all cause it has yet to outlive its utility. Hence enters the concept of chastity and hard work and what nots. Also present is the Philosophy stating “…the meek shall inherit the earth….” Whenever and whatever that is supposed to mean.
New concepts like Heaven / hell arrive as do the ‘ paap-punya’ concepts too.

But sooner or later man being what he is sheds all these make believes and seriously starts questioning all this religious mumbo jumbo. Mind you its only frowned at now but in the “ good old days ” one may have to have get roasted on a stake. Nevertheless doubts do arise and rightly so.

Now the mind starts thinking and reevaluating his life and all the accumulated wisdom of till now. Varied results may follow. Ideologies may form like atheists or theists, pagans or devouts or just plain simple vanilla we-dunno-nor-do-we-care lots.

But one thing is sure whatever be ones belief, God or the powers be are unaffected by it or wouldn’t these heretics been wiped out the face of the Earth completely for this would be at least easily within the power range of our Omnipotent Lord. Hence one can conclude that if a God exists the personal beliefs of earthlings do not in the least affect the Mighty Guy.

So that leaves the question entirely on us. What should one do in light of such knowledge? Which group should one join and even why take the trouble only knowing that its not going to make a earth shattering difference.

Well, in my view one should go on in their own respective truths here if they had formed or found one. If not then they must find it for themselves so that it bears the stamp of their soul.

Because in the end one may join whichever sect or group one wishes to but in reality only believes in oneself. Because it’s His own Truth. Don’t you see the ridiculous nature of things when we blindly follow religious leaders with the gift of Gab who promise the moon and the stars along with that if one follows their path? Why to follow them? Have they seen God? Have they chatted with him??? No. In that case this brings them on equal keel with you and I. I say your word is as good as theirs because it has sprung from the depths of your own consciousness. Not plagiarized from hearsay or make believe.

Vivekananda says all knowledge is contained in the consciousness. One only needs to interpret it and let it take the shape of reason and understanding. Why, the law of gravity has operated unfailingly since kingdom come. But it took a Newton to dig out the reason from the depths of his mind/consciousness and interpret its true menaing before the world at large.

So, in the end whether one believes in Allah/Jesus/ Shiva or none at all, in the end is believing in something or the other (not having any beliefs can also be taken as a belief in the Non Entity). This is the central belief, the central idea, which unknown to him has held the life for that individual for him. It is the central Axis of their life and their thought processes which later transform into wishes then desires and then actions. This belief I think is God. Since this is the core of the consciousness which is the core of the person himself.

Because what he seeks and prays for to God or Himself (even as atheist wishes for stuff and gets them too!!) ultimately is directed to his held Belief and thus to him. Hence in a way the person himself becomes his/her God. All of us have that light in us and for all of us God or anybody will once seeked will be found inside ourselves only.

This is what I hold. But since my word is as good as anybody else’s it remains to be seen how much yours and my thoughts match.

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  1. hey!
    nice one,a bit in the league of "to be or not to be" but nice.
    god is not above but hiding inside u.
    so there


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