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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Comics: my answer

Lets talk about comics. well what else can be more mundane no? Comics!!! come on we all are grown ups. But lets talk abt this in a different manner.

well i still think they were an important part of our growing up....remember when we wanted a private island of ours a la phantom and a forest where natives worship you as god/demon but u also have a few friends you care for. and who take you for what you are.

I was specially facinated by batman.not only because of this Dark knight's impeccable bod but also in a way this chap always reaffirmed my faith that no matter whatever may happen to you you have the power to choose ur responses. This chap was haunted by his inabilty to save his parents...and look what he turned it for himself he became the saviour of the city....he is and insomanic and this he turns to his advantage to patrol the streets at night. No wonder in a world dominated by Gifted super heroes he holds his forte with panache and gives all of them a run for their money. Anyway I dig catwomen too for altogether differnt reasons.

lastly lemme talk about calvin & Hobbes. well any ardent fan will vouch for the hilarity of their make believe exploits. underlines the fact that those kiddo days where so much fun because we used to be ourself and use our imagination to change the ordinary to extraordinary.i still remeber I used to use the straps of an old riding goggs under my cap while playing cricket and imagine that tht was the type of helmet worn by my fave players. In my mind i was Srikkant and playin against wasim akram or imran khan. damn care what anybody thought, i had made that transformation in my mind from that nukkad cricket of reality to the packed stadium i always dreamt of. In the process each ball i faced was of national importance and added to the thrill of the game. With my Imagination I see and taste the sublime ( Read Hannibal to appreciate that my ideas do find resonance with the greats)

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