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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

An Open letter to the Prime Minister of India

Dear Shri PM ji,
Thanks for speaking out and calming us finally, days after the tragedy that happened on the streets of Delhi.

Sir, we would like to believe that your feelings of concern for the victim are indeed true and genuine.

We thank you for the deep empathy you displayed for the young protestors braving the Delhi cold, getting drenched by water cannon, beaten up by Police batons, shot by tear gas shells while demanding a safer city for women. 

Your words of calm and reason are soothing balm to a troubled nation. We already feel better.

But sir, YOU are the establishment. You don’t demand results, but, it is you who should deliver RESULTS.

The people are angry because each day their wives, sisters and daughters are condemned to live in a state of fear of the goons and criminals. Women are afraid to step out after dark in the capital of the country. Even women of foreign countries are regularly issued advisories suggesting caution.

Z plus security and still worried for your daughters...we understand
As you said, you are father to three daughters and sure you understand people’s anguish.

Indeed, with your family enjoying Z plus security & bullet proof cars, it is only a man of your academic excellence who can still feel the pain and fear of the common unprotected woman on the street. 

The fact remains, that you as a father of three daughters can and do feel the pain of the protestors.

Sir, we, the citizens of India, expect far greater things from you.

Immediate First Aid: This is what you should DO not merely talk

We believe that it should be easily possible for you to say, install 250-300 fast track courts which will hear and give verdict on the 500-600 most recent rape cases reported in the city within 90 days. 

Maybe, such efficient and speedy justice will be the best deterrent against such ghastly crimes.I believe it’s possible. I am sure; the man who brought the 8% GDP growth rate to India can deliver that to the populace.

Sir, we the citizens of India have very little faith left in today’s political system and we hope & pray for once  you will confidently step up and take the challenge. 

Certainly you would not like to be remembered as the PM whose "Theek Hai" attitude becames another "Let them eat cake" statement which had ignited a nation to revolt. 

Please don't be the PM whose misrule spawned vigilante-ism in free India.

Yours sincerely,
An Indian citizen

PS: Do click on the "Theek Hai". It leads you to a wonderful article by Sandipan Deb of Mint newspaper (www.livemint.com). very interesting.


  1. Let's see what kind of changes in the law they bring...Good read!

  2. Thanks Abhishek.

    BTW much before they bring a change in the law, they need to bring a change in their mindset.

    In a democracy, the ruling party should listen to public, not always count on "Human memory is too short" and hence make do with mere words.

  3. Oh you should write on Shinde's remarks too. That would make it epic, no?

  4. Dear Scarlett,

    Shinde Sahib is a epic in himself.

    His succinct & astute comments, his glittering achievements make him a natural for the post once held by Sardar Patel.


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