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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Wife writes: 2nd day in Beijing

Day 7(21 Oct 2011) 2nd day in Beijing

Our second day starts. Much Excited Because we are going to see one of the 7 wonders in the world in china i.e Great wall of china.

Started our day with Breakfast bread and fruits and Bro's favourite coconut milk. As usual husband ate only bread and fruits as he doesn't like coconut Milk. In the morning got a call from New Tour Guide as he was asking for Our Plans... After Listening to our Plan he must have wishpered to himself -"again no shopping Plan" and he promptly vanished. When we got down our Tour Guide had already Left with some other party.

But we had a great guide in bhaiya and a fabulous  car and Driver was waiting for us. So our next destination was great wall of china. Journey was very long but but because of excitment didn't feel it. Infact we were overjoyed like kids and clicking away at all things that caught our eye.

Diffrent diffrent spots were available to see great wall of china beacause of its length. While most tourist guides choose balingong or something, we chose muthianyu which is further but less crowded.

So we reached and took cable car. Open cable car, very thrilling, Feels like we are flying.reached country's most attraction center . Again lots of people, one thing we noticed in china. One thing thats proof that china is no 1 in population is almost all there Tourist attraction centers are packed with people. I guess chinese people love travel and roaming. However, there isn't much crowd on china streets.

Well Great wall of china is really great and no need to add, is very well maintained. Clicked lots of photos over there. And after all these fun we had to go down . We had two options one is cable car another one was a tobaggon ride down the hill. Me my hubby and father chose tobaggon ride & mom and bro chose cable car. The ride was amazing and lasted for 15 mins. Such a good concept. Appreciate how creative they are.now time for lunch so we prefered subway. Mom dad prefered Veg sandwich and me hubby and bro prefered non veg(chicken) Sandwich.

After having lunch with great experience we moved for bird's Nest (olympic statium) reached there around 6:45 pm. Beautifully lighted Building. the building where swimming compititions are held was shaped just like an ice cube and the main stadium was designed like bird's Nest.

Atlast that was the great place for taking snaps.so we took lots of photos over there and and got packed  food from Our "Adda", the raj restaurant which serves decent Indian food and went back to hotel.

Long day, lots of traveling but very exciting.

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