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Monday, November 14, 2011

Not so seriously speaking: Issue 1

by our staff reporter
Drunk-on-job patrakar

It is now unofficially confirmed that the state government of KP (Kaccha Pradesh) headed by Phoolsakhi ji has invited global tenders for manufacturing and deployment of statues to meet the urgent shortfall in the required no of statues in Bucknow. Unspeakable sources reveal that the Chinese company “Trojan Horse” is widely tipped to win the multibillion rupees contract which will require the winner to build, intall and operate 1,345 statues of Phoolsakhi ji and Banshi Kam in the various provinces of Myanmar and Burkina Faso.

However, widespread anger and protests continues in the state as the citizens and the opposition alleges that government is ignoring the fact that the state is itself reeling under an acute shortage of statues and parks of the above-mentioned leaders. They further allege that due to the shortage the young generation, including Julian Assange are unaware of the glorious revolution.

Teachers and parents were protesting on streets against what they aver is the worrying trend of the new generation forgetting the historic achievements of the heroes of the state and the state’s glorious past. The situation is so bad that when our reporter tried to quiz some of the protesting parents and the govt. officials about some basic facts of the movement, none of them were able to able to answer a single question about it.

This clearly indicates that lack of awareness of the social heroes of the state. It is high time that the government acts on its election promise of providing one statue per person in the state.