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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Attaboy India !!!

MS Dhoni’s Indian team has done what no other Indian team has been able to do for the past two decades. And that too at a time when three of the best players India has ever produced, were not in the team. So what changed? Were the team limited by the Big three or has this lot got more talent and skill than all the teams put earlier.
One feels that the answer lies more in the how this team has conducted itself rather than its collective skill set. No doubt, the smaller format of Twenty-20 gives chance to all, as the margin of error is wafer thin. However, what was different was that this time around the team was playing as a team rather than as a bunch of 11 super stars.
Every time one player was faltering, there was another standing to take his place and deliver. When the experienced Agarkar was off color, the out of favor Irfan shouldered his burden. When Sehwag, failed, Gamhhir, his lesser known partner took it on him to guide the team to a respectable total. Ditto with Dhoni who was almost ready to start bowling as his frontline bowlers were getting it difficult. In the end, these small efforts resulted each time in a solid effort, which the opposition found frustratingly relentless.
Results are all to see. India defeated not only England and Pakistan (thanks to some better nerve) but Australian and SA teams too. I think this change in attitude and the willingness to shoulder responsibility when the time beckons has what has immortalized this motley collection of youngsters in the annals of world cricket.
Enough of analysis, lets celebrate and savor the victory. God knows we Indians have few such opportunities to celebrate from our sporting heroes.

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