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Friday, January 13, 2006

Osho vs Logic

Recently I bought a book by one of the most powerful thinkers and speakers of our times Osho Rajneesh. To anyone the name would be self introductory and if they don’t then let me tell you that the person had one of the most enviable following in recent times.

Honestly I wanted to know about the man’s teachings since a ling time. My only criterion was that I shall read him in his own words. The interpretation by anyone else will feel like you are making love to your girl via corrospondence.

Here I will discuss my reactions on reading and learning about the man’s thought fllow and ideas. When anybody reads Osho I think that the first thing that he/she will notice how easily and effortlessly the person works his way around your defenses without you ever knowing and realizing and its not before long that you start to nod your head in unconscious agreement. For whatever he says, the guy says it with such style that you are mesmerized. But then what does he say? Methinks like all the Zen masters whom he repeatedly and anecdotally quotes, the guy is a great thinker and quite clear in his approach.

But according to me, his approach is slightly overdone in some measures at least. The ideology of losing oneself in ones pursuit of happiness is ok but then you can be in a rapturous state for only a certain time and period. Rest of the time maybe either you are trying to re enter that blissful state or else unconsciously imitating it. I am sure that has God intended us to be in the dhyana mode always he would have made it so simple and easy just like breathing. He has given us a secret door to our soul and that is that. He also has given us a body to be taken care of no? I mean if all the time in the world I keep on exercising my torso but completely ignore my lower limbs I will resemble more of a Quasimodo. Similarly I keep on concentrating on my mind nay soul and leave my mind and body untended I will end up a similar sight.

Also he wants us to be passive in our quest for God. A yin, a receptacle so that God may be the Yang. Again lovely imagery. But my question is what about if all the humanity becomes the yin. It will be something of a spiritual equivalent of a world of only the same sex. Jarring mar Osho. Not fits. I believe that the placid pool of your consciousness that you are so much after is only an aberration as where in the nature does you see stagnancy??? Rivers are sacred because they flow. Rains happen because the wind blows. The day and night follow each other as the earth moves. No one is still. Then why try to still the mind?? I tell you total calm is only death. This is the ultimate calm. Anything else is aping it. Coming closer to it. But never reaching it. IF YOU REACH IT YOU ARE DEAD!!!! Got it???

Sleep is soothing only when you wake up finally. If you never wake up then how can it ever soothe you ??? Cleanse you of your fatigue and tiredness. In Hindu mythology this earth is called the “ Mrityu Lok” which means the land of death. Here and only here you are supposed to die. ON the converse isn’t this the only place you get life too?? For before you die you have to live and endure or enjoy life. Death is only a reward for a life well spent. A life ill spent running away from your karmas will also achieve death but NOT peace. It will have to re enter the Mrityu-Lok to complete his karmas in an endless cycle. Hence my advice to all the living beings is to know yourselves and know your karmas and go on doing them. If needs be, fight, but not with anyone who just happens to stand in your way of ego rather for any one or thing which stops you from doing your karma and attaining salvation. Every second that we live is for a purpose for doesn’t Frankl say that man’s (and women’s and every human being’s) life has a definite meaning and you can only live and justify yourself by achieving it. Before that, even death if comes is foul and unholy not to speak of pleasures.

Any other means of leading a life and you will only be scratching the surface of pleasure never of happiness. It makes a hell of a difference to be in pleasure and to be Happy.

Happy New Year folks and May you find your Goal in life and achieve it too!!!

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  1. thank god!u got over ur osho hangover, now go read the indian philosophy book that i gave u . its good and we should know what our forefathers thought and deduced rather than going on other's philosophies .


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